Women want sex Caldwell

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As a transgender woman, she had experienced life-long reservations about her own body and didn't want to risk her emotional and physical security by diving into online dating. After talking to a friend in the industry, she contacted a sex worker. John, a male escort, said the internet has made it possible for Australian women to seek out a sexual experience outside of real-world dating. Credit: Dean Sewell. A UNSW report, published earlier this month, has found women across Australia are purchasing sex as a way to ensure their own personal safety, on a variety of levels.

As part of their research, 21 women who purchased sex discussed their experiences in using both female and male sex workers and found many did so for a sense of security. Dr Hilary Caldwell, lead author of the report, believes the trend is attributable to the MeToo movement and a greater conversation around sexual consent.

All of the women who paid for sex also reported a per cent rate of condom compliance, Dr Caldwell said.

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Dr Caldwell said participants in the study felt they had a more positive and safe experience post-sex in comparison to regular dating. Many of the women in the study also felt their emotional safety was better protected when buying sex. John says that workers who don't make female clients' "emotional and physical safety paramount" simply don't last in the business. No pleading, no guilt trips, no force," he said.

4 Reasons Why Women Pretend to Not Want Sex

In the future, Dr Caldwell believes women purchasing sex will become "as commonplace as buying a [treatment at a] day spa". Please try again later. The Sydney Morning Herald. By Sarah Keoghan September 22, — Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later.

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Women want sex Caldwell

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Women want sex Caldwell