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But her wealth is the subject of mounting scrutiny.

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F rom the terrace of the Miami Beach club, the sand stretches down to the Atlantic ocean. Waves lap the long shoreline of the Ilha de Luanda. On weekends, the bar-restaurant is full of wealthy drinkers and dancers who have driven over from Luanda, the Angolan capital, a few kilometres away.

The Miami Beach club has been a fixture on the Luanda party scene for 20 years. In her mids, having recently returned to Angola after studying in London, Dos Santos acquired a stake in what was then a struggling, scruffy bar.

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The money was wisely spent. The Ilha is now one of the most fashionable and valuable locations on the entire western coast of Africa between Cape Town and Lagos. One person who has not been seen on the premises in a long time, however, is Dos Santos, now the richest woman in Africa. The Luanda Leaks project is based on a trove ofs, charts, contracts, audits and s detailing the business operations of Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the former president of Angola.

The documents, which cover a period between andhave been reviewed by more than journalists from 37 media outlets, including the Guardian, the BBC and the Portuguese newspaper Expresso. Dos Santos, 46, insists her wealth is the result of hard work and business acumen, and her supporters say her success story is inspirational, especially for African women. Precisely how Dos Santos made so much money is the subject of mounting scrutiny.

Angolan prosecutors launched a criminal investigation into her actions while at the helm of the state oil company, Sonangol, in September.

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Dos Santos was born in in Baku, Azerbaijan, where her parents had met. Her mother was a chess champion, who was studying the same subject.

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Later, when it briefly looked like the civil war was over, she returned to Angola, where she started a transport business. Dealing with communications for trucks led her to mobile phone technology, then in its infancy. This proved fortuitous, and she rejects absolutely any suggestion that being the eldest daughter of the president helped when a consortium she was part of won a public tender for a licence — only the second in Angola — for mobile telecommunications towards the end of the s.

Dos Santos was also lucky. The country also received vast loans from China and elsewhere. Some of this money was spent on infrastructure, but the road and railway networks remain largely in ruins, and power generation is grossly inadequate. Drought has also caused massive hardshipwith millions living in appalling conditions. There were a lot of parties around Luanda as the cash rolled in.

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InDos Santos threw a lavish bash, flying in dozens of friends to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her wedding to Dokolo, a Congolese businessman and art collector. Dokolo collects sports cars, and Instagram pictures show a superyacht, Hayken, bought from the London property developer Christian Candy.

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A huge penthouse in Lisbon has parking space for seven cars. The son of a Kinshasa banking tycoon, raised in Belgium and France, Dokolo acquired his first pieces at the age of Many recognise his wife as an effective manager. Others use less complimentary adjectives. The interests controlled by Dos Santos and her husband span two continents, after an investment spree in Portugal. Dos Santos denies all allegations of wrongdoing made against her and says the investigations are politically motivated.

Dos Santos is not the only member of her family under pressure. Both deny wrongdoing. Their father, the former president, is gravely ill in Barcelona. You have a persecuting state and servile and partisan magistrates. Then you have a woman who has been chosen to set an example as a scapegoat. One place Dos Santos is not expected to be seen any time soon is Angola. Crime is very high, there are many robberies, there are many murders.

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Isabel dos Santos and, top, her husband, the art collector Sindika Dokolo. Luanda Leaks. Isabel dos Santos: president's daughter who became Africa's richest woman. Sun 19 Jan Show The Luanda Leaks project is based on a trove ofs, charts, contracts, audits and s detailing the business operations of Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the former president of Angola.

Isabel dos Santos responds to Luanda leaks investigation. .

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