Sometimes love just isnt enough

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In fact, Eddie Van Halen laid down guitar parts on an early version, a second version was recorded in Nashville, and Don Henley, Sheryl Crow and E Street Band member Roy Bittan who produced the record perform on the final, released recording of the Grammy-nominated song.

The late s was a whirlwind time of change for Smyth. It was supposed to be a Scandal record, and I did not want it put out as a solo record. On the personal level, Smyth had an month old baby and her two-year marriage to innovative punk singer Richard Hell was ending. All this and more was wearing on her psyche when she met up with New Jersey songwriter Glen Burtnik for a writing session.

When Glen sat down at the piano that was the first place I went because it was the seed I was working on. There was so much going on. I was getting divorced, it was about my baby, dad, you name it, everyone. Burtnik, who was basking in the success of a Sometimes love just isnt enough critically acclaimed solo albums, was in a completely different hepace when they first got together to write.

We were trying to write another rock hit for her. We had some ideas. After we blew out the candles and that was over, I sat down at the piano and I started to play the verse idea for what became the song. Then I had to figure out the second section and the B section. I remember writing the bridge in my apartment in New York on 5 th Avenue and 10 th Street, weeping while I wrote it. It was weird that I choked myself up because that never happens. When it came time for the chorus, Burtnik used an idea he had written in high school.

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We worked on the song on and off over the phone. Smyth knew she had the makings of a good song. Glen knew too, but when I sang it to him, he said it was too dark. I thought it was a really long title.

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I questioned if that was a good idea for a single, something that had such a dark, negative title. But there you go, what do I know. As Smyth recalls, it took a phone call to a rock legend to convince the pair not only that was it a good song, but that he would sing it on himself.

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The world is dark! At the time, Don was on top of the world. That was the vote of confidence we needed to confirm that it would be a single.

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But the producer, who will remain nameless, was rude to Don. I think of her as the female Don Henley. People who have played with me for years have fought with me saying it was me that sang the high harmony over me in that second B section.

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Don sounds like me up there and I sound like him. But it was him. He played on a couple of things. He was amazing and wonderful and played on everything I threw at him. Several years prior, in fact, Smyth had been rumored to be a potential new singer in Van Halen, prior to Sammy Hagar ing.

For the record, Smyth has nothing but wonderful things to say about her friendship with Van Halen. There were multiple things. I was eight months pregnant and that was the one reason. They were raucous brothers who fought a lot. Like I said, I wish he had asked me to make a record with him. If he did, we would have done that. And moving my whole life to Los Angeles was too big of an ask at that point. But it all turned out well. Sammy did a great job and made a great record with them. Smyth was ed to Columbia Records at the time, who, amazingly, passed on the record.

Still, she found little support in the song. I had to make that painful decision to scrap those sessions. Smyth recalls the whole experience recording what she considers to be her first true solo album as a wonderful time.

It was insanely fun. I started doing theme days- pajama days and Nick drove to work on his motorcycle in his pajamas. Then a Hollywood day where we all had to be glamorous.

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We were laughing and it was so much fun. And they were such a good band. They were great, fun guys who were into doing whatever and I know they enjoyed coming to work. That song was not written yet. He was working on that album. I love that song, possibly more than mine. Only members can comment. Become a member. Already a member? Log In. For the latest songwriting tips, reviews, podcasts, and more. Facebook Twitter instagram pinterest youtube.

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Sometimes love just isnt enough

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