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In managing a speaking business, there are dozens of moving pieces that operate simultaneously. There are the more exciting pieces of the puzzle, like the ature on a new contract, as well as the more tedious components, like cleaning out your customer relationship management system CRM. However, of these components, there are a handful that are recycled for each speaking gig, and over time, it becomes easier and easier to not only identify them but also refine them. A few months ago, we published a guide to six quick and easy steps for writing a stellar speaker bio.

From things you should include to mistakes you should avoid, these six steps were focused on providing speakers with actionable and straightforward advice, making the process of writing your bio a little easier. First on our list is the one and only Meridith Elliott Powell. However, in the context of her speaker bio, there are a few things that make it especially noteworthy.

First, it highlights her accomplishments in her field and as a speaker right from the beginning. This shows her confidence as well as her experience, making her a valuable hire for any event organizer reading her bio.

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She also saves herself from having to meet with event organizers that turn out to be a bad fit for her message. Direct, detailed, and succinct, it not only communicates everything you would need to know, as an event organizer. More importantly, it does so in a read-time of less than a minute. With a background in corporate sales and leadership, her career expands over several industries including banking, healthcare, and finance. Meridith worked her way up from an entry-level position to earn her seat at the C-Suite table. Meridith is a Certified Speaking Professional CSPa deation held by less than twelve percent of professional speakers.

She is passionate about helping her clients learn the sales and leadership strategies they need to succeed no matter what this marketplace does. Second is Australian leadership and productivity speaker Neen James. To begin with, it mentions her certifications, both within the speaking industry and outside of it. Additionally, it goes on to give details from her past clients, regarding her value as a speaker, specifically. Why does that matter? She also considers herself an unofficial champagne taste tester … and a really slow runner.

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This makes her memorable both as a potential event hire and as a potential connection. I know I do. Audiences love her practical strategies they can apply personally and professionally. Meeting planners love working with Neen, often describing her as the energizer bunny for their events. She has received numerous awards as a professional speaker. Her strong background in learning, development and managing large corporate teams makes her the perfect fit. Oh, did we mention that Neen is Australian?

From his credentials to his experience, it shares the details about Jason that not only have made him a good person but also a good leader. Because these details are also what makes him a good consultant, speaker, and coach, in sharing them, he subtly shows his value Seeking beautiful wfemales 4 nsa situations having to state it outright.

The first paragraph alone mentions the services he provides, the experiences that make them credible, and the reasons that hiring him is a good move. As a decorated combat veteran, Jason brings unique perspectives gained from his battlefield experience to your organization, empowering you to unleash the untapped potential of your employees.

Using real-world examples, Jason sheds light on how the invaluable talent each person brings to your organization can positively impact your mission. Jason learned the value of dedication at an Seeking beautiful wfemales 4 nsa situations age growing up in East Oakland, CA, as the second of six children in a single-parent home. Earning several military awards for his superior military career has proved this attitude and consistent mission of excellence.

Jason knows that excellence is a journey, not simply a destination. This perspective inspired him to teach, develop, inspire, and mentor hundreds of future Air Force leaders as an academic instructor at the U. Air Force Academy. He brings this same dedication to his work with business leaders as they strive to empower their teams and achieve greater success. four on the speaker bio list is that of the hilarious Mimi Brown.

Additionally, like Jason O. As a whole, her first paragraph also serves as an example of what a promise statement should look like. She mentors with passion, guiding her clients to effectively strengthen and elevate their leadership vision to new heights. With over ten years of corporate training experience, a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences and an insatiable appetite for helping others maximize their potential, Mimi knows how to rock a platform, connect with a crowd and provide training so that others can effectively do the same.

She engages groups from the moment she steps in front of them and leaves them with empowering tools and focused mindsets that they will use long after the lights have gone out on the event. Mimi is passionate about people, leadership and successful businesses.

She is especially inspired to help people take their careers — and themselves — to unprecedented levels. When not speaking or training, Mimi can be found creating delicious meals with chef and hubby Mr. Brown and bribing her snobby cat Kitty Brown with treats in exchange for snuggles.

Moving on, the fifth speaker bio example comes courtesy of keynote speaker and customer happiness expert Brittany Hodak. Unlike those of Jason O. They also are a huge testament to her business and speaking abilities, due to their reputation. In the same way, in your own speaker bio, include a few of your biggest clients in the long-form version.

She is widely regarded as the go-to source on customer engagement and retention. Additionally, Brittany has been invited to speak to organizations across the world including American Express, WeWork, Inc. Brittany co-founded, scaled, and successfully exited The Superfan Company, a fan engagement company whose roster included Walmart, Disney, Amazon, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and more under her eight-year leadership. From his experience on the baseball field to his experience behind a desk, it shares more personal details than the average bio, suggesting the same level of openness between him and his clients.

Leveraging the unique lessons he learned from the inside out — literally!

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Since starting Raymond Entertainment nearly twenty years ago, he has overseen the creation and rehabilitation of hundreds of mascots and the brands that support them. To start, it opens with mention of his age and his dwarfism diagnosis, both of which are unique among speakers. If you forgot, these include your credentials and experience, some personal details, and mention of your target audience. However, it also does an exemplary job of telling a story, engaging the reader and leaving them with a desire to meet Brandon, either for their event or just for a conversation.

In the same way, when writing your own speaker bio, try writing it as a story about you. It will also show your story-telling skills, inadvertently crediting your speaking abilities, as well. In just three years of speaking, over five million people across the globe have been inspired by Brandon; and his work continues to touch audiences from every walk of life. Eighth on our list of speaker bios is that of change management speaker Cassandra Worthy. However, looking at her bio specifically, there are a few things that make it stand Seeking beautiful wfemales 4 nsa situations.

Had I done so, I would have become another statistic. She also gives them a hint of the engaging way in which she speaks. In your own speaker bio, remember this as you tell your story, too. Your voice on paper or on a screen, alternatively is just as important as your voice on stage. Fueled by frustration and stress, I found myself on the precipice of walking out of the office and never coming back. Top talent voluntarily reing during a time of ificant organizational shift.

Another change victim. Instead, I woke up one day and decided to view those feelings as a al that I was sitting in a moment of opportunity. An opportunity to transform that chemistry, that feeling into something better. To choose every day to do something, say something, behave in some way that would move the needle of my work experience towards a better feeling.

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Through a practical and repeatable framework, I show them how they can transform their culture from surviving change to growing through change. Next is another example of a quick and inviting speaker bio, that of Canadian speaker and hypnotist Wayne Lee. It is straightforward in that it explains his experience and general approach to positively impacting his audiences. As you craft your own speaker bio, keep these balances in mind.

Today, he works with leading brands to guide their teams through the high-stress, constant change, and fast-paced environment that is now commonplace.

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Wayne shows each audience how to reconnect with what matters most so they can achieve any result, all while enjoying the ride of their life. Last but not least on our list of speaker bios is that of creativity speaker and musician Gregory Offner. For example, one of the most important components of a speaker bio — of any written text, Seeking beautiful wfemales 4 nsa situations, is the ending.

But, most importantly, remember to be authentic in telling your story and end on a high note. At the end of the day, after looking at a bunch of speakers, event organizers are going to consider those they remember the best. Even if it also functions as a source of basic information, the goal of your speaker bio is to put you in that group.

His studies of Philosophy and Psychology enable him to simplify the science of why we create the patterns we do — where they come from, and how to change them to amplify. From his 16 year career as a top-performing sales executive with Fortune companies, to a 12 year run around the globe as a professional musician dueling pianos ; Greg brings a track record of integrity, creativity, and passion to every event — oh, and he also brings an electric piano!

Hopefully, this list of examples provides you with some inspiration as you consider your own speaker bio, moving forward. Conversely, feel free to shoot us an at [ protected]too, if you have any additional questions. Stay in the flow with the latest operations, sales, and marketing tips, tricks, and news for professional speakers. SpeakerFlow uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, services, and promotional offers. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy.

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Seeking beautiful wfemales 4 nsa situations

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