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You can find out who is responsible for the electricity bill—the owner or the tenant—or update this information anytime, with just a few clicks. Then check the postal code on the Canada Post Web site to make sure it corresponds to the address. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our customer Quebec hot wife. It is an additional security measure deed to ensure the protection of your personal information. We will send you anletter or notification whenever changes are made to the following personal information: address, phone associated with youraddress, banking information and identification s SIN, NEQ, etc.

If you should receive such anletter or notification when no changes were made to your personal information by you or a person authorized to act on your behalf, please. You should always make sure that the message comes from a reliable source.

Under no circumstances should you provide banking information by or text. If you receive an or a text asking for personal information, it may be an attempt at phishing. To learn how to recognize a fake message, visit the Fraud prevention on our website. If you change service providers or you would like to use different addresses depending on the type of message bill, newsletter, etc. However, if you would like to use just one address, please make sure that you use the same address everywhere in your customer file.

Here is the procedure to follow to check or change which addresses are included in your file:.

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This is the address we will use to send you information about your electricity service, such as messages notifying you when your bill is ready. Change the address in your Profile. This address is used to log into your Customer Space. Change the address in your information. To change the address for newsletters, you must first unsubscribe from the newsletter s in your Subscription profileand then create a new subscription profile with your new address.

Your phone can come in handy if we need to contact you, especially for information regarding your or planned service interruptions.

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You can provide us with one phone or different s depending on the reason for the call. Here are the steps to follow to make the change in your Customer Space:. This is the phone we will use to reach you about your electricity service contract, among other things. Change one or more phone s in my Profile. To ensure the reliability of the power grid, or for security reasons, we sometimes have to carry out work that calls for the temporary interruption of your electricity service. Change the phone to advise you of a planned service interruption.

Click on the link Forgot your password? We suggest you check your spam folder.

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Your password must be at least eight characters long and include at least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter. You can use two different addresses: one to log in to your Customer Space and the other to receive correspondence. Did you try logging in to your Customer Space using the address you use for correspondence with us Online Billing, newsletters, notices, etc. Of course! First, log in to your Customer Space. Then, select information in the top right-hand corner of your screen, under your name. Our services do not support certain older devices and operating systems.

You will then be asked to enter the six-digit activation code.

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If you tried to log in five or more times unsuccessfully, we may have blocked access to your Customer Space for security reasons. You can wait 15 minutes and Quebec hot wife try again. We advise you not to do this. We strongly recommend that you do not share your information address and password for your Customer Space with anyone. In the menu on the left, under Movingselect Remove address in order to remove the name of one of the contract holders.

You will then be able to select the name of the person who is moving out and specify the date on which his or her responsibility will end. However, if there are several contract holders and you want to remove more than one, you will need to contact customer services. To add another contract holder, you will need to terminate the current contract and create a new one. In the menu on the left, under Movingselect Remove address to terminate the current contract. Then select Add address to create a new group of electricity contract holders and specify the date. Please note that the new contract holders must provide their social insurance.

If, for instance, you are buying a house and you are responsible for the electricity bill at that location as of today, and you will be terminating your responsibility at your former address at a later date. No fees will be charged if you notify us of the details of your move using the Change address self-service tool.

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The day deadline has remained unchanged since It is still in effect and is presented in section 4. If you receive your bill by mail, delivery will eat into this day period. No, bills are issued according to a pre-determined annual billing schedule that takes into meter-reading dates and business days. Your next scheduled billing date is available in your Customer Space. To save time, go directly to your Customer Space to print a copy of your bill. Bills are archived for two years. You can also view your bill at any time in your Customer Space.

With the EPP, we estimate your annual electricity cost based on your past consumption and spread it out over 12 equal monthly installments. That way, you pay the same amount every month, which makes budgeting easier.

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Annual meter-reading costs are spread out over 12 months, even though non-communicating meters may not be read once a month. We estimate the cost of your annual electricity consumption and spread it out over 12 equal monthly installments. But you can view your monthly, daily and even hourly consumption in your Customer Space with the tool My Consumption Profile. See My Consumption Profile.

Such fees would have an impact on the rates that all customers pay. However, to find out Quebec hot wife date of your next bill, you can go to your Customer Space. If you cannot see your bill, please contact our technical support team. Residential customers Rate D cannot continue to receive their bills by regular mail.

To assist in their ing operations, business customers Rate G, G9, M or DM can continue to receive printed bills along with their online bills by simply selecting the Receive bills by mail option. Yes, provided that your financial institution offers biller registration. You can up, subject to certain eligibility conditions, for the EPP from your Customer Space or by calling the toll-free customer services1 Your bills are automatically archived for two years and you can view them from your Customer Space.

You can also save them on your computer or print them out and file them, just like any other PDF document. Your bills will be available in your Customer Space for two years. If you wish to keep them longer, you can save them on your computer or print them out and file them, just like any other PDF document.

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Just notify us of your change of address, and your Customer Space will automatically be updated. The final invoice for your old address will also be available there. The e-mail will include a link to your Customer Space, where you can view your bill.

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You can start submitting payment orders as soon as you up. You can even pay your most recent bill this way, if you like. You can decide how much to pay on each contract. Unless you notify us otherwise, please note that each payment will be applied against the in this order:. You will receive a confirmation for each payment order.

You can display a detailed list of your payment orders from your Customer Space, which indicates whether each order is pending, completed or refused. You can also modify a payment order that has not yet been processed. Yes, but there are many advantages to ing up for Online Billing. However, some financial institutions charge a service fee for debits.

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