Nsa real women

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It would look a little something like: no transportation, no mail, no classified waste disposal, no fitness centers, no desktop delivery, and possibly the worst of all - no food! So what exactly does it take to run the NSA from a logistics perspective?

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Here are just a few examples:. Logistics is there from the start until the end, or as Ms. Throughout the logistics life-cycle, these women dominate in what is predominately a male-led field.

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Thanks to support from pioneering women and the male leadership that acknowledges the value of diversity - women like Kathy, Carol, Judy, Kristie, Tammy, Dawn, and Pat are bursting through the glass ceiling to shape this field -- and they keep breaking boundaries! Kristie Coulbourn just accomplished another feat by becoming the first female Deputy Chief of Material Management which is the division that is responsible for everything from the transportation of NSA equipment and materials to the destruction of end-of-life equipment and documents.

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So how did these women do it? Judy Bonucci. Stylc emphasizes that women have to be their own advocate.

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Sometimes this means you have to be twice as vocal, twice as tough, and twice as compassionate, which is a trait the workforce and customers are experiencing during Logistics engagements thanks to the inclusion of women in the leadership structure. Some women constantly feel threatened by being labeled negatively if they are assertive, while men are often labeled as strong leaders… and how do these women react to this: Just Be You. Thanks to the flexibility and tools the agency provides our employees, you can do both.

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News March 27, Photo By: Noelle Adams.

Nsa real women

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