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This is a bit of a shorter script that what I usually write, but damn did I think it was funny idea. I also put in a few Vine references in here, lmk what was your favorite vine.

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Wether you read or fill this I hope you all get a good laugh out and have fun with it! Note: Audio has some sudden shouting. Timestamp of first instance is at Spoilered in case sudden shouting turns you on and you don't want to know when it happens.

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So a while back, someone left a comment on one of my audios calling me the "deep voice prince," which I thought was kind of funny. I don't actually think my voice is that deep there are VAs whose voices are way deeperso I thought it would be amusing to play a character who arrogantly self-proclaims this title, only to be dethroned by someone whose voice is much deeper than his.

Was that deep enough for you? Thanks bruh. Hello hello : I'm still here, still watching over everything and chatting on Twitter, it's just very hard to find time to record now that school is back in session and everything. But it's nice to post again. Thank you all SO much for 8k!! I've gotten a few requests for reverse comfort stuff so The pet names I use are baby and sweetheart. I also refer to you as pretty, but it's in a completely masculine way. Prefer YouTube? You two recently started dating and decided to hang out together with your friend group after a while to catch up on stuff.

[M4M] [M4TM] Napping With Your Boyfriend [ASMR] [Sleep Aid] [Romantic] [Talking About the Future]

Though you seem to like teasing him while he eats so they have to take matters to their own hands in the toilet. Aahhh this one took a while to write but I enjoyed it! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this too! Have a nice day :.

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Writers Summary: You've just been kidnapped by your yandere stalker. It's hard to care though when your self-esteem is too low for you to really care about your own well-being. Your kidnapper isn't having any of that though. They pull out all the stops, showing you their obsessive devotion as evidence that you are precious and should love yourself. Wanna send me Scripts? Send here at [ mrfoxhoundaudio gmail. This is my first audio so I apologize for some of the fan noises in the first 6 and a half to 7ish minutes of the audio. I was on my third round of recording this and was just… not feeling up to re-recording again.

Anyways, listen to the audio here! Summary: It's been some time since I the speaker graduated, but you the listener were always my favourite teacher. I know how you feel about me, sir. I always have. I happen to have a thing for older men myself.

M4M ASMR - Needy Boyfriend Gets Jealous And Argues With You [Overthinking] [Make Up] [Kissing]

More specifically, I enjoy putting them in their place and making them serve me. And now that I'm no longer your student, there's nothing stopping us from acting on these feelings. Link to the audio here If you enjoyed being put in your place, you may enjoy this audio: M4A Just because you're taller than me, doesn't mean you're the dominant one here.

Want to be the one in charge? Try this audio: M4M Your dick does not turn people into cock-craving sluts. Oh yeah? Prove it. Want something else entirely? The full index of my audios can be found here. So this is a bit of an experiment, where a Coach helps you be a Daddy to a muscle bottom. Wanted to see how people respond, before writing more. The performer can take the role of the Coach, or the Daddy. He gets like this at least a few times a week. His lusts to turn on his webcam, and use his body for a Daddy.

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His cock gets hard, but he doesn't want to touch it. On a natural bottom like him, it's a to show you that he's wired, and that he's in heat. Yes, the heat takes over his body and mind. You can see his nipples are erect, poking forward. When his nipples throb like this, they ache, and the ache fills his mind. The ache he feels in his nipples tell him to give himself to a Daddy. Yes, that's you. Once you know his, he is yours. Being a good Boy, he desires your instructions. He won't touch himself until you desire seeing it. He's in his ready position, held by the heat he feels.

He's looking straight in to the camera, at you. You can see it in his eyes, his heat has filled it, his mind is otherwise blankd, and lusting for your instructions to fill it. I want you to enjoy this. His swimmer's body is yours. Look at the toned muscles through out his body. The way his athletic build frames what you know now, to be his vulnerability. On his masculine pectorals, sensitive nipples throb for your control. In between his lean abs and thighs, his erect cock tell you he is in bottom heat.

I want you to jerk yourself slowly. You can watch him do anything you want tonight, for hours if you wish. There is no rush. Have you Need to talk m4m wondered what a college swimmer's hole look's like, exposed? What will you do to his hole tonight?

Give it some thought. Even though you can't see it, it's twitching. That's what his hole does. It twitches when he's in heat. His anus pulls in, relaxes, then pulls in again. It craves cock inside him, and it fill his mind with this thought. His inner sphincter muscles pulse, eager to massage a Daddy cock, to make a Daddy cock harder and harder, to make a Daddy cock throb. It's time for you to see it.

Need to talk m4m

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