Mistress or lover

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He always seemed to look out for me.

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He financed my vehicle, and helped me relocate my business. I'm 45; he's We flirt and banter constantly. He's been married for 50 years, and has had a mistress for 25 years. Five months ago, he and I crossed the line. He says he loves me and has never felt like this towards anyone. We have so much fun together, I keep him young. However, he sees and has sex with the mistress once a week. He initially lied about it, but I raised it, and he was honest. He isn't leaving his wife.

Why His Mistress Is An Angel

I don't want him to. I understand that you feel loved, special, essential to his well-being… but for how long? Dumping her now would be cruel. He may resent you for it. Think this through very clearly. Ask yourself why only this man with an established female entourage, makes you feel special?

My girlfriend of four years and I broke up. We didn't speak for four months. But my girlfriend and I got back together. She said I must choose.

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I want her. I don't care about the religion part anymore. You want a love match. Arranged marriages can and do turn out very wellBUT both parties have to believe in the concept at their core.

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But she has no one else. Even her family dislikes her. She has low self-esteem, calling herself ugly and fat. What can I do? No one likes someone who mocks individuals and badmouths groups.

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Say that only being positive about herself and others, will attract friendships. Site by Lush Concepts. Am I just another toy for him?

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He says he loves us both. What do I do? Shared Love. My parents, not knowing about her, suggested an arranged marriage.


I agreed from pressure. Caught Between. Tip of the day: Love rarely survives long-term in the midst of ongoing complicated and competing relationships. Work it out.

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Mistress or lover

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