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Sponsored Content September 4, According to one study, the average college student spends nearly five hours a day on leisure activities. Instead, leisure time included climbing walls, sporting events, and extracurricular activities. Here are 15 fun things to do with your friends that are more creative than studying at the campus library or attending a tailgate party. Make sure you pack a few blankets, hide your own snacks, and bring along a warm, cozy sweater to throw on in case it gets a bit cold outside.

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Instead of heading to a loud, thumping bar or party to de-stress from a hard week, head to a silent disco. Looking for cheap things to do with friends? Attend a local open mic night or poetry reading. If you live with roommates then chances are that you guys cook separately or always split the grocery bill.

Next time, host a potluck dinner and invite more friends along. Are you good under pressure? Then definitely check out an escape room with your friends. Trying to find your way out of an escape room is one of the most fun things to do with friends as it forces you to work together as a team and problem-solve together. Instead of going to a bar or spending money on a movie night, get your friends together and plan on spending a day volunteering. Instead, buy some cheap wine and painting supplies.

Then, put a Bob Ross painting tutorial on YouTube and follow along with your friends! Every college town has at least one bar or restaurant that hosts a weekly trivia night. These places often serve half-price drinks, appetizers, or meals on these nights, making it a great budget-friendly activity as well. Download a Target scavenger hunt list from Pinterest and form a few teams with friends. Then, spend the evening try to see who can find everything first! Laughter is one of the best cures for stress. Find a local comedy club and plan on heading to a show with a few of your friends.

Looking for fun things to do at night with friends? Invest in some cheap laser tag gear online and wait until night falls to play a campus-wide game of laser tag.

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Check with your local campus police beforehand just to make sure you know where you can and cannot go. You know, the things you think are oh so cute but never get around to actually making for yourself. Head to your local dollar store and stock up on some crafting supplies. Then, hose a Pinterest crafting night with your best buds and make cute decorations for your dorm or apartment.

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Did you know that Iowa City has its very own walking tour? Once a month, schedule a swap meet with friends. Turn it into an evening by watching the movies people bring to the meetup!

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Buy cheap face masks or make your own out of fresh veggies. Then, make your own bath bombs, light a few candles, and relax in your robe. Looking for more interesting places to hang out with friends? Head over to our Arts section to check out a list of the most recent and upcoming events for students that are a part of the University of Iowa community.

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