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Polyamory in the 21st Century. Unlike other books on this topic, Polyamory in the 21st Century weaves together research and facts to provide an informed and impartial analysis of polyamory as a lifestyle and as a movement, and to place it in a psychosocial as well as an historical context. Anecdotes and personal experiences allow the reader to develop a better understanding of polyamory and the people who practice and enjoy it. Anapol addresses the practical, the utopian, and the shadow sides of this intriguing, mysterious, yet often threatening lifestyle.

It honestly addresses difficult issues such as the nature of commitment without exclusivity, balancing personal needs with loyalty to a partner, evaluating beliefs about love and relationship, the impact of polyamory on children, and the challenges that arise when one partner wants monogamy and another prefers polyamory. Without judgement, she explores this increasingly common practice, and reveals the true nature of a lifestyle that many do not understand.

She le seminars on love, sex, and intimacy around the country and the world. Anapol Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits has taught for 25 years at the university level and has been a relationship coach, seminar leader, and participant observer.

Her Looking for multiple partners explanation of polyamory is that it is nonmonogamy, it can define relationships among adults that may not be sexual and may include a shared residence or family, and it pertains to both sexes.

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She suggests that 'the form of the relationship is less important than the underlying values,' which consist of allowing real love to seek its most appropriate expression. She takes pains to distinguish this movement from swinging or open marriages. Various chapters deal with the history of human bonding, jealousy that may arise in these relationships, polyamory in other world cultures, children issues, and the movement's pros and cons.

Now she has written the book that only she could write, describing how this movement has evolved over the three decades since she helped usher it into the world.

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Anapol describes her personal and professional observations, as she has watched polyamory spread around the world, growing and changing with each new culture and generation that embraces it. Anapol's journey is a fascinating and engrossing exploration through the ways in which lives, relationships, cultures and societies have changed and been changed by acceptance of a form of love which does not require monogamy.

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Ley, Ph. I love her reviews of lovestyles in many cultures, and her in depth recounting of the stories of various relationships, the difficulties they encounter, and how they learn and grow and eventually triumph and go on to love some more. What I love the most is that the author always brings us back to the central point of our relationships: love. Illustrating her points with vivid examples from real-life, Anapol succeeds in getting across the diversity Looking for multiple partners relationships and experiences covered under the umbrella of polyamory.

Readers who are new to polyamory will find useful, open practical advice. The book also provides intriguing introductions to relevant research and theory in this area, which will hopefully whet the appetite of readers to find out more. Meg Barker, co-editor of Understanding Non-Monogamies Deborah Anapol stands as a pioneer within the polyamory movement.

She is uniquely qualified to explore the way the movement has developed into the 21st Century. Polyamory in the 21st Century explores how polyamory has evolved since the word first appeared some two decades ago. It underlines in the most personal and direct language that polyamory and non-monogamy is, more than ever before, a viable and life affirming way to live for present and future generations.

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Polyamory in the 21st Century reflects Anapol's extensive experience with the subject, both as someone who has been a leader in the movement and as a therapist who has helped thousands of clients. Her honest, warm, spirited voice comes through in this book and the stories of real people are both fascinating and helpful to folks looking for concrete examples.

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Her chapter on jealousy-one of the thorniest issues in polyamory-is intelligent, insightful, and very practical, and one of the best things I've ever read on the subject. This book invites us to leap beyond the notion that love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage so that we can successfully update our personal longings and relationship templates: past, present, and future. Deborah Anapol has produced a level-headed, insightful examination of the growing polyamory movement and the people in it — their ideals, motivations, backgrounds, and practices, and the increasing body of hard-won wisdom they are accumulating about what makes multiple-relationship structures fail or succeed.

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Anapol draws on her nearly 30 years at the heart of the movement, including her experience counseling thousands of poly and would-be-poly clients and her many discussions with the movement's movers and shakers. She also examines how poly people and families deal with such issues as jealousy, time management, child rearing, and how closeted or out to be in a sometimes hostile world — Alan M.

Looks at polyamory in the United States as a lifestyle choice Offers insight into the lives of those who lead polyamorous lifestyles Provides information about the lifestyle and the challenges and rewards of being polyamorous More information can be found on the authors website here. Table of Contents.

Looking for multiple partners

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