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Each of these 23 incredible sex tips for women will teach you how to be the best sex partner ever, make him crave you sexually, and beg you to spend more time together. As your man is about to enter you, pull away slightly. Related: If you want to give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually addicted to you, then you'll find them in my Ladies fuck your man and discreet newsletter. Get it here. For a lot of guys, this drives them wild and makes them more aggressive and desperate to have you…perfect if you enjoy passionate sex. If you are new here, then you may want to take the quiz below to learn how good you are at giving oral sex and satisfying your man.

You may discover you that you suck pun intended or that you are already a blow job queen. For those that get itthis sex tip for her is incredibly intense and animalistic. After all, good sex is about getting out of your head and releasing your base desires. If you can do that, you can be great at sex. The next time you and your man are having sex in a position where he is on top of you, wrap your arms around him and, if possible, wrap your legs around him too right as he is about to cum.

As he starts to cum, pull him in as tight and deep as possible.

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When he has finished, keep your arms and legs wrapped around him for seconds, holding him deep inside of you. For those guys and girls that get itthis is one of the most primal and hottest things imaginable during sex. For your man, it feels that you want him in the deepest sense. Find more in the Sex Positions section. If you Ladies fuck your man to both prolong his feelings of sexual enjoyment and increase the strength of his orgasm, try slowing right down as he is about to cum. It feels incredible for guys and…. Many women enjoy it too when their man performs this technique on them, so you may want to show it to him to help be better on top.

First, you need to know when he is close to cumming — His breathing will get more intense, he will tense up, and he may start to scrunch up his face. As you notice this, start to slow down your movements and use less pressure, so that you are providing less stimulation.

So if you are giving him a blow job or hand job or riding him in the Cowgirl positionmove more slowly and start to use a softer touch if possible. This will lengthen the time he spends in that zone of maximum pleasure, where he is about to cum and can also intensify his orgasm when he does cum.

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Of course, if you are in the missionary position, this sex technique becomes a lot harder because you have less control. BDSM is a vast spectrum of techniques and ideas that you can use on your man. These are just a few fundamental BDSM ideas you can try out with your man to perform better in bed. And that goes for guys who want to know how to be better in bed, too! Sex is important to any relationshipand being enthusiastic and passionate is by far the most important thing you can do if you want to have good sex. This is what I mean by Starfish Syndrome….

The solution? Get more passionate and be more active during sex. Here are some ideas you can use to become more enthusiastic and passionate:.

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Thrust Back — Instead of letting him do all the work, try thrusting back against him. This works a lot better in positions where you are free to do it like the Burning Man or Pump positions. Bite Him — Biting your man can be insanely intense if you do it right. The key is biting him to show your passion, NOT to hurt him. Places that spring to mind include his shoulders, upper back, his chest, his butt, and even the front of his thigh when you are giving him oral sex or in the 69 position. Do not hurt him when you bite him. Start by gently nibbling him and build up from there.

It could be an extreme form of domination, a rape fantasy, sex in front of a crowd, or a foot fetish or something entirely different. Your man is in the same position. He, too, has a kink or fetish that drives him wild. However, if you can share and explore his kinks with him, then you are immediately putting yourself into a super-powerful position. You become the only one who can give him his deepest, darkest desires. So how do you get him to open up and share his fantasies, kinks, and fetishes with you? You can do this by sharing your own kinks first.

Although it can be daunting to have these conversations, it can help you explore your sexuality more fully. Plus, many people share some of the most common fantasies. When sex researcher Dr. Furthermore, the vast majority of people who had shared fantasies with partners received a neutral or even favorable response [ 1 p ]. While this survey is about fantasies, which may not reflect what people actually want to do in the bedroom, it does offer a bit of relief when it comes to revealing your sexual desires to a partner.

Other researchers have backed this up in a similar survey, stating. Love, commitment, and satisfaction were not only associated positively with the reports of own self—disclosure to partner and the beliefs about how much the partner disclosed, but also generally were associated with how much the partner reported disclosing [ 3 ].

You can always directly ask if there is anything your man wants to try in the bedroom or if he has any fetishes or kinks; although, this may not be the best approach for every person. You definitely want to use your judgment. You can try asking leading questions like the following if you think your man will respond better. As he starts to open up, gently pull on the thread and see if there is more there. This can be a quick process, or it can take months. The key is paying close attention to his reactions.

As long as he stays open, keep going. However, once he starts to clam up in any way, pull back. Once you discover his kinks, fetishes, and fantasies, then you get to the fun part: you get to give them to him. Most guys want to see you have a good time; they want to see your orgasm face and feel your body tense up as you climax…. There are plenty more ways to have better sex. This is a pretty bad way to look at talking dirty during sex. The most important thing to keep in mind when talking dirty is that you are telling a story to your man and playing a role.

Once you look at talking dirty to your man as telling a story, it becomes a lot easier and natural. You no longer need to remember any specific dirty talking phrases to use; you just need to fall into character and act accordingly. The key is seeing yourself in a story, and then figuring out what kind of role your character would play in that story. Of course, talking dirty Ladies fuck your man this way only works if you are genuine and really feel yourself in character.

Many women are so caught up in how nervous they feel, that they completely forget about how nervous their man is. In other words, the next time you feel worried or self-conscious during sex, just remember that your man feels precisely the same way! Sometimes you and your guy just click. Your bodies are naturally in sync, and you both know what buttons to press to get each other off.

Check it Ladies fuck your man if you want to give him the best blow job of his life. So if you want more sex advice for women, make sure to check it out. Men have egos, especially when it comes to sex. Unless your man is a Buddhist monk, he has an ego.

If you can massage and boost his ego sexually, then you are tapping into the core of his identity, something that many women never do. How do you massage his ego sexually? Do focus on your own pleasure and reaching orgasm — Possibly the easiest sex tip for women you can use from this guide to better sex is to focus on your pleasure and have as many orgasms as possible. Men feel sexually powerful, and it dramatically boosts their egos when they feel like they are the ones making you orgasm.

When focusing on your own satisfaction and orgasm, you need to let your Ladies fuck your man know that he is the one providing you with all this pleasure. Let him know that you are enjoying him — Letting your man know that he is driving you wild with pleasure is obviously going to massage his ego and make sex feel incredible for him. The best way to do this is to be indirect, as being direct sometimes does not feel as sincere and believable. If your man is driving you wild, then let him know it! They think good sex is all about the physical techniques and positions you use during the act itself.

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The truth is that sex techniques and positions are only a small part of having great sex. There are other ways to be better in bed.

Ladies fuck your man

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