In desperate need of girl time

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We get it. There are times when a girl really wants a boyfriend more so than others. Or maybe she just wants someone to cuddle with while watching Game of Thrones. Girls who are playing the field want to come across as cute and flirty, but not desperate.

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But most importantly, coming across as desperate can be a of low self-esteem, which is something to work on before getting into a committed relationship. Any girl who fits this description should ask herself why she wants a boyfriend.

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Remember ladies, the most attractive quality you can have is self-confidence! She likely shows up to parties and bars in the tiniest outfits that will make sure all eyes are on her, in both a good and bad way. Why does she do this? Granted, not all of it may be the type of attention she wants. With that being said, we think that women should wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and confident. For some women, that involves wearing fewer clothes, while other ladies prefer to be a bit more covered up.

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This is one of the worst qualities of a desperate girl. In addition, this type of girl is easily pressured into doing things she might not want to. And not just one guy… every guy she can get her hands on. This type of girl quickly earns herself a reputation for being one of the flirtiest of her friends.

They may constantly go back to the same guy despite their bad history, or simply gravitate towards the same type of toxic boyfriend.

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Rather, she sees it as a way to weed out the bad options. Her friends are used to her ditching plans and not being active on the group chat when she has a new man on her mind.

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In the end, this can cause some serious friction between friends. Some people say that it takes you half of however long your relationship was to mend a broken heart. If a girl constantly has new boyfriends and never takes time to just be single, it could be a of desperation.

She wants to be in a relationship because it boosts her confidence and makes her feel wanted. In a way, her constant need for a relationship is really about her pursuing a form of self-validation, although the constant break-ups are likely ruining any sense of security her various relationships give her. This can, of course, be detrimental if the girl crosses a line that she never wanted to in the first place. A of a confident girl is if she's laying down the ground rules from the beginning. She wants others to approve of her relationship and validate how awesome he is.

This will motivate her to keep messaging him until she gets a reply. But these sorts of things are best when they happen naturally and over time. In her mind, the sooner they can get these minor details about each other out of the way, the sooner they can move on to the next, more serious, stage of their relationship.

Girls have a bad habit of dissing themselves in order to get compliments from other people. This could mean something as simple as changing the colour of her hair or the way she dresses, though it could also take on more extreme forms, like quitting hobbies or distancing herself from friends.

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Even if changing herself makes things work for a bit longer, she'll lose herself and probably the relationship in the end. Like we said, a desperate girl is determined to get herself into a relationship pronto. Part of that means making plans for the future. The main of a desperate girl is if she bases her entire worth on a relationship. She still finds satisfaction in her job, social life, family, hobbies, and all the other things that can give someone a sense of fulfillment.

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In desperate need of girl time

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