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Where communication is dire, myths begin. A self-defined Roma feminist theatre company, called Giuvlipenwants to bust these myths and stereotypes.

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Their name, Giuvlipencombines the Romani words for woman, giuvliand the suffix ipenwhich stands for crowd. She hopes to add the word to the Romani dictionary.

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Based in Bucharest, Romania — the country with the largest Roma community in the EU — Giuvlipen gives a voice to Roma women and opens the stage to Roma actors, who get more roles in Indian and Arab films than in local productions. But exoticising and hypersexualising someone is objectifying them. The show also introduced the story of a Roma lesbian woman who dated men to avoid gossip.

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After a heartbreak, she turned towards women. When the organisers of a Roma arts festival in Romania found out that Gadjo dildo included a lesbian character, they withdrew their invitation to Giuvlipen to perform the show.

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Meanwhile, Moldovan worked with Roma women from Bucharest in a community centre run by two Roma gay women. No one seemed unprepared for that. For the past ten years, in addition to acting, Moldovan has also presented a TV show about Roma people, called I was also born in Romania. She used to get dressed in traditional and colourful long skirts at first.

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When she moved to another TV channel, Moldovan started wearing short skirts. Still, these negative reactions were a minority. Despite their image in the media, only a small percentage of Roma communities are traditional.

Her father was a maths teacher. But even within these communities, there are women who fight it. Szomna was a smart and studious Roma girl of 17 from the Transylvanian village of Frumoasa.

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Her parents refused to let her go to high school because they wanted her married, and were worried about the costs of travel, clothing and books but also feared losing control over her virginity and, ultimately, over her. Little more is known. The director of the performance, Mihai Lukacs, thinks this is an economic rather than a cultural issue.

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Some people simply cannot afford the costs. One girl slept in a box while she did it.

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Failing to get by selling flowers, she started begging. It was humiliating but it allowed her to build a home in her village. Roma communities are divided according to their occupation. And we tell them — we already have a degree in drama, why is it so hard to believe that?

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Hot ladies Roma

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