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Love is in the air! Meet 12 local couples and see what advice they have to offer on keeping things sexy and maintaining a successful relationship. Even though Sean and Christina are polar opposites in many ways, one thing they definitely have in common is their love to have fun! They have been raising their fur baby Zena for 10 years now and have recently dedicated most of their time to taking care her.

Dream Owner of a Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii. We first started dating when were in High School at 17 years old! We need to be two complete hearts that work together side by side to achieve common goals. None of our friends ever expected us to get together when we were in HS. We love the often unseen and unnoticed sub-communities that are tucked away within each section of JC.

We are both 32 years old and have been together for about 3. Jersey City has a very ificant role in our relationship; it is where we met, where we went on a lot of our initial dates and where we currently reside now. Hope you enjoy reading this little tidbit on us and how we make it work.

Corina is a marketing and brand management professional and has been for about 8 years.

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We both enjoy what we do very much and hope that our growing skills and knowledge will lead us to, not only corporate, but personal happiness. We love Cellar Ever since we discovered the restaurant when they first opened inwe have been going back on special evenings ever since!

We love their delicious baos, ribs, and tiki-style cocktails. The secret to success in our relationship is definitely a combination of three things; patience, acceptance, and communication. We understand that we need to have a high level of patience with one another, especially during our most difficult times when we can be harder to love. We must accept each other for who we are and never try to change one another. In April ofwe became homeowners by purchasing our very own little piece of Jersey City!

Being able to Hot girls in Jersey City such a milestone together was a great feeling. We both very much enjoy good food and drinks and Jersey City constantly has new restaurants and bars popping up! Being able to have so much to do and see in our own backyard is definitely something we take advantage of. Also, if we ever want to mix things up, we are just minutes from NYC so we feel we have best of both worlds.

Having a night just for the two of us will make sure that we prioritize spending time together without letting the mundane routine of life get in the way. The goal of my dance company is to provide an outlet for individuals, like myself, to continue dancing and performing alongside their careers. My dream would be to expand Continuum to a full studio, offering classes to all ages. Finally, I dedicate a lot of my time to my passion project and YouTube channel, Young, Dumb, and Sober youngdumbsober.

Honest and open communication is key for us. Having hard conversations and growing from them with understanding and openness. Hot girls in Jersey City, memes. We send each other a lot of memes. We matched on Hinge then realized we were neighbors. And by neighbors we mean, we have the same mailing address. So much for waiting to move in together. We love the culture and vibrancy in and around JC. We have a shared note on our phones that we both have access to edit and add to. On it, we keep a running tab of all the adventures we want to experience together — including all sexual fantasies and curiosities.

They are 2 hardworking ladies who balance day jobs, school, and entrepreneurship all while being new moms. They have traveled to over 20 countries in addition to being featured on TLC, Bravo and Refinery29 for their fertility journey. They are enjoying all the blessings life continues to offer and appreciate the strength to combat all obstacles they are faced with, together. A- I literally have like 10 jobs hahaha.

I serve in the U. We also have a real estate venture we just got involved in and then of course being a mom. The biggest and best job yet. My wife is the life and brains of SW3AT, I am more operational support which includes everything from building, fixing, grocery shopping, laundry to printing. Im also a doctoral candidate at Rutgers.

My dream job is to become a Chancellor at a university. I would also love to be a Bed and Breakfast owner someplace tropical. A- With all that we have going on, date night is a rarity esp. T — We love going to the movies. We also like going to Left Bank and Just Beclaws.

We are really busy but we make time for trips a year. T — Striving for balance is our secret.

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Although we are always busy, we spend a lot of time together. No task is too small for us to just want to be together. For a better part of our relationship we were inseparable. This allowed us to learn each other very well. We can easily read each other emotions and talk about anything. We also always support each and pushing each other.

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Our ambitions never trump our love. We are stronger together for sure. We enjoy experiencing the world through each other and together. My wife is the smartest person I know and because she knows me she helps keep us centered as a unit. A — Tamiah is actually the one who asked me on a date. Most people assume it was me lol. T — We met at the gym. Alyza was my personal trainer. Lol But we started dating years later. A — The diversity. I am so excited to raise our daughter here.

She will grow up with various ethnicities, races, religions, people with same sex parents and just so many other differences. Im grateful to live in such a beautiful city with a great sense of community.

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T — The sense of home. There is so much diversity, good people and good eats to explore.

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I also feel really safe here. We were excited to grow stronger roots here for our daughter. A — I try to make sure I stay in shape and dress well. T — We been together so long we have seen each other in every way imaginable.

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I also make sure my wife and I make time for self care practices like getting regular massages because stress is never sexy. Stefany and Brett are college sweethearts who have been together for 12 years and are recent newlyweds.

Hot girls in Jersey City

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