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The Atlantic Crossword. In Subscribe. Here is an incomplete list of the physical traumas that befall the burglars Harry and Marv in Home Alone :. That scene at the end! When the old man hugs his granddaughter in the snow! But here is the other thing—the awkward thing—about Home Alone : It is weirdly violent. Actually pretty sadistically violent. And the agent of all the mayhem is an adorable 8-year-old named Kevin McCallister. Who, yes, may have been forced, by wacky circumstance, to defend his house against two bumbling thieves—but who defends that house, again and again, in pretty much the cruelest, grossest ways possible.

That foot, impaled. That scalp, burned. That face, tarantula-ed. Home Aloneoverall, is a John Hughes movie that re like a Tarantino: Its violence is artful, and theatrical, and extravagant, and unapologetic. It delights in the punishments it doles out to its villains by way of its pint-sized protagonist.

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Its plot points verge into full-on torture porn. Kevin carries his BB gun slung, over a single shoulder, like a rifle. He grins at the men he shoots with it. He taunts them. One of those traps covers a scald-headed Harry by way of a glue-covered piece of plastic wrap, a jury-rigged fan, and the contents of a down pillow rigged in feathers.

He looks down dramatically at the pair of hedge-clippers he holds in his hand. Then he cuts the rope. This kind of thing—Kevin taking sadistic delight in the traps he has set for his intruders—becomes a refrain throughout the movie. All of this—the 8-year-old, fending off the criminals!

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The real reason, of course, is that a call would negate the need for Home Alone to exist in the first place. A holiday romp! With probably-third-degree burns. The thieves, too, fall victim to a kind of ageism, and to the assumptions of a culture that thinks extremely little of children and their abilities.

We get it, John Hughes, we get it. Kid power! The problem is, though, that being an underdog, morally, only gets you so far. The delivery guy comes. Instead, he escalates. The delivery guy runs. The delivery guy thinks he might actually get shot by a machine gun.

Kevin, at all this, grins. Home Alone does not question any of this.

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Harry and Marv, after all, are non-violent criminals, interested in nothing but TVs and stereos and jewelry. Things escalate to the extent that, when criminals and kid finally meet each other, the robbers thinking they have the upper hand, Harry announces the punishment he intends to dole out to his 8-year-old abuser:.

We're gonna burn his head with a blowtorch. This is extreme. It is also, of course, just as Harry says, everything Kevin has done to them.

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The sadism here is cyclical: It escalates, unnecessarily. Which is, uh, quite a turn for a movie that is nominally about the magic of Christmas and the inconveniences of international air travel. And yet, coming as it does off of the tortures Kevin his inflicted on his intruders in the name of underdoggery and stand-your-ground morality, it makes perfect sense. Home Alonefestive and twinkly and brightly lit and enduring beloved, never bothers to treat its central accusation as a central question: Look what you did, you little jerk.

Home alone need to get laid

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