Friends in the old fashioned way

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Have you ever felt like your life needed a few more friends in it? Several years ago my best friend began a full-time job, and I was a stay-at-home mom with two .

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I needed some day-to-day mom interaction. Instead of waiting and hoping another best friend would fall out of the sky and fall in like with me, I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone and go find her on my own. It takes time, persistence, a dash of bravery, and knowing where those potential friends are hanging out.

It may be old-fashioned, but most people just want to be noticed.

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I think a lot of women probably want to chat. It bores me and I tend not to listen very well if someone is talking about the weather. But people love to talk about themselves.

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Ask where they are from if they have a great accent. Instead of dropping her off curbside, I parked the car and walked her inside.

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She loved this. And it was a great way to meet people. You instantly have something in common with all the other parents there: the school and the children. Easy pickings for your first conversation. The gym, church, meet-up groups, dog parks, or your local pub are also excellent breeding grounds for friendships. Give them a second chance. Sometimes we moms are distracted by our kids or that crazy list that is going around in our he of all the stuff we should be doing instead of standing around watching Junior go down the slide for the tenth time.

Try again. They all seem to be chatting and having fun. The moms were talking about gymnastics so I asked a question or two as a way to get involved in the conversation. Shortly afterward, I made a joke that fell flat and momentarily felt like a big dork.

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My immediate assumption was that this group was not the group for me. They may indeed not appreciate good humor when they hear it. The first time I met quite a few of my friends, I immediately dismissed them as potential soul sisters, but we ended up being kindred spirits ala Anne of Green Gables and Diana Berry. I love to hang out with women who inspire me. Positivity is a plus. We are all attracted to other people who make us feel good about ourselves and who get excited about things.

For example, I have a friend who runs marathons. This lasts about twenty-four hours. I do one run and decide that I am happier being a non-runner and hearing her running stories. She inspires me even if I never run another mile. If you are in a season of friendlessness, or you just want to expand your connections, take the initiative and reach out.

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Friends in the old fashioned way

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