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Anita Rao I grew up with a mom who didn't stray far from what storybooks told me moms were like.

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She was around for after-school snacks and driving me to piano lessons. My dad is a physician. He worked bonkers hours, but his job meant that financially, our family of three kids was privileged to only need one working parent. I sat in ignorance of how rare our situation was, for a long time. The reality for most working families really sat in for me a few years ago - I became the editor for a podcast called the Double Shift that tells the stories of motherhood in America. And I got immersed in the experiences of families with needs and schedules very different from my own.

Those with two working parents, whose jobs are outside the nine to five schedule, or a single parent working multiple jobs. Their stories illuminate the need for childcare at all hours of the night - and the fact that standard work hours leave out support for so many working people. So, who are the folks filling in the gaps? Second shift workers clock in when bankers hours are over, and third shift workers start their shift around midnight - but most daycare centers operate from 6am to 6pm.

Some parents turn to at-home nannies or family members, but for a cohort of Free live Fayetteville sex chat, it's hour childcare facilities, spaces that are open for your middle of the night drop-offs or early morning pickups, and help provide a safe space for the meals and routines parents miss because of work.

Deloris Hogan has been running one of those facilities for more than three decades. The facility they run is inside their house. They live upstairs and the daycare is downstairs. With the hours they both work.

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The line between the two is pretty blurred. Their doors are open from 6a. Nunu And it's just one big family. That's basically what hour daycare is because you have to be a family in order to leave your children with people for 11, and Free live Fayetteville sex chat, and 13 hours a day, and overnight - because, you know, parents are afraid of that. So, you know, they have to really trust you to leave their precious gifts like that with people that they really don't know.

Anita Rao So how do you and your husband co-run the business? Tell me about how you manage hours like this. Nunu Well, I have a swing shift of people, I have six to seven people working with me. In the morning, my youngest daughter will come down, and she works in the morning from six to My husband comes at seven, and I have people coming in at10 o'clock, 11 o'clock, I have people that come in at five o'clock. I come down, when I come down — it depends on how long I was up — but I'm normally down no later than10 o'clock in the morning.

I'm just up from to maybe four o'clock in the morning - maybe longer than that. Overnight, I have to sit with the kids because the parents have to give you permission up here in New York to go to sleep around their. I do have great parents, so I can go to sleep, but I'm sitting in a chair.

I'm laying on an air bed in the daycare with the children that I have. Anita Rao I'm curious to get a sense of the experience for these. I mean coming in to stay over the second or third shift may be coming in after, you know, what would be an ideal bedtime for them. Tell me about some of the unique needs that they have that you all have to cater to.

Nunu Well, there's some that come in after school, and they're here till at night. And there's some that come atand they're here to one o'clock in the morning. And there's some that come in six, and they're here to eight o'clock in the morning — which I deal with nurses and I deal with COs and different stuff like that.

Mothers that work in store departments and their shifts are different — and I have some others that work three or four jobs just to make ends meet.

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So, you know, their shifts are different. What the team is, when they come in, the first thing they need is somebody that's going to be like a parent to them.

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You know, when mommy's not around, they need that love, and that care, and that understanding — and we make sure when they come in from school, they're doing their homework, to make sure they take baths, they' re brushing their teeth and different stuff — and at night, they put on their pajamas to go to bed.

I do their hair. I just get them ready for the next day. That's things that mommy can't do right now. I'm doing for them, you know. We feed them dinner — all different types of activities and different things with them — so it's like so many things that we're constantly doing. You really can't put your finger on everything, but believe me, my finger is on everything. We have to do a little bit of everything with them because in reality they become our children. Anita Rao Nunu runs one of a handful of hour facilities in New York.

Evy is another veteran of the childcare system and operated facilities for 21 years before hanging up her hat six years ago. When the pandemic hit, Evy decided to come out of retirement to open Molly's Daycare Center. Evy Hart I saw a real need. There were a lot of frontline workers that were really in need of childcare. Most centers in the area were idiots here in Rocky Mount and didn't offer the hour services. And if they did, there was a limited of childcare centers.

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So, got a building, renovated it and opened the doors, you know — help the parents out and, like I said, it was just a big need for childcare. Anita Rao So tell me a bit about some of the families who need spaces like yours — what are the kinds of work that they're doing that requires support and these other hours?

Evy Hart You have a lot of parents that work in different manufacturing's that work rotating shifts, you know — two weeks they may be on first shift, the next week they may be on second. You have some parents that work flexible shifts. They work first shift that runs into second shift, so by me having hour center, I'm able to accommodate all of their needs, all of their work schedule — and even sometimes they have to work weekends. Sometimes they go in for overtime or holidays come in and a lot of daycare centers closed. Molly's is here to ease some of that tension off the parents and our doors are open.

Anita Rao Evy, Nunu and the folks they work with are in many ways an extension of the family. And they're really intentional about finding ways to bridge the gap for parents who can't be there for important moments in the day, like meals or bedtime.

Nunu Well, the parents would definitely, if they want to, stop by and see how the kids are doing if they work close by because some of my parents who work at the hospital — which one of the hospitals right down the street from me or they work at the police station — which the police station is right down the street from me and the fire department and stuff — like maybe four or five blocks — and they will stop by if they want to stop by to spend some time with the kids, sit down and bring McDonald's or whatever they want to do with their kids — and they'll call them late at night just to check on them, to see how they're doing and different things — like my nurses that works in the Bronx down by Bronx Zoo, she'll call her children every night, just to check on them to see how they're doing — you know, asking questions like: Are you okay?

Is everything alright? Because, you know, parents feel guilty that they have to leave their children in somebody else's care. So, I definitely let them do stuff like that. Let them come around the kids whenever they feel like it. My doors an open door policy.

I don't like take the children in and go: Okay, I have your children, go. I don't want to see you no more till seven o'clock in the morning. You're welcome to come in anytime you want to come in, to check on your children, to make sure your children are alright, and that's how we bond a relationship.

Because when a parent can walk in the door and just see that Free live Fayetteville sex chat children is just they're having fun and enjoying themselves or we're sitting there — we're doing a game or we're watching a movie or something together or we're talking about something that the children was interested in — and we're just sitting there talking and going on while we all just sitting at the table, and we're eating dinner together, and discussing things that happened with him in school during the day.

So, you know, there's always the open door policy and the parents are very happy about that. And the children, they bond with you because all they need is love. When you Free live Fayetteville sex chat them the way that the parents treat them, or just giving them just unconditional love, they're gonna bond with you. Because we're their family. Anita Rao Well, Evy, how about the same thing for you? I mean, your job is about caring for the parents as much as caring for the kids in some way.

So, what are the ways that you support parents and families given how intimate this is to have kids sleeping overnight, and having multiple meals not with her parents? Evy Hart Yeah, I'm just like Nunu. We do have open door policy here where parents can come in at any given time to talk, to check in, see about their children. We also have a camera surveillance system here as well. They can download the app on their phones, and they can actually watch, listen and hear their children interact, talk, engage in activities as well.

We have ring doorbells on the outside that capture moments, you know, when people come and knock on the door — if they want to visit or a family member as well. So, that's just a security protection.

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So, having that relationship with the parents is real good.

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