Couples in Calgary Canada

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Who you choose to entrust your relationship life to could be the most important decision of your lifetime.

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Choose carefully. Marital counselling is a highly complex and specialized field of practice. All marriage counsellors are not equal and many are inexperienced and inadequately trained in this area — regardless of how they may advertise themselves. It ends your marriage. It costs money. It hurts. It reduces living standards. It changes your personal relationships. It hurts children.

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Separation may seem like the only solution but in reality going through a divorce will often become your next bigger problem. My job is to support your marriage first and foremost. Studies show that relationship counsellors without this orientation can make things worse, not better.

Most couples lack the skills and tools necessary for modern relationships. We expect a lot from marriage these days. We need new skills and tools to to succeed. I start with a 2 hour initial consultation — a game changer, a turning point and a new direction. Poor communication. Many women leave the relationship emotionally long before they physically leave.

The old issues are back. Or you are.

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Kids, finances, fear. Practice Relational Mindfulness Learn how to interrupt knee-jerk reactive habits. Do you often feel your relationship is on the brink? Are weekly appointments difficult to arrange?

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Even though you want to, do you find it challenging impossible to make your relationship a priority? Are you stuck in the same old rut? When you make healthy changes your relationship changes. With the right tools and guidance you can change your relationship for the better — on your own. Should I stay of should I go? How do I decide?

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Whatever you current situation, you can make things better by getting expert relationship guidance. Call or today and take the first step to a new relational future. More than anything in life, men want to succeed, especially in marriage. Women want more than a good provider — they want emotional intimacy, the very thing men struggle with.

Get the tools and skills you need to give your woman what she really wants — connection. Call or me now. Being mindful makes everything in life better. Being aware of our thoughts and feelings but not reacting to them opens the possibility of creating the life you really want. Mindfulness practice opens the door to new and unlimited possibilities! Call or now and get started on a new path! Expert Relationship Guidance. Get expert couples counselling now. Request Appointment. Sig Taylor. As Featured In:. Couples Private 2-Day Intensive. The relief that comes from getting your relationship back on track.

Individual Relationship Counselling. Mindfulness Training. Find out more!

Couples in Calgary Canada

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