Bottom looking for her top

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Your person could be closer than you think. A top in a lesbian relationship is generally the one who is more dominant, and prefers giving to receiving sexual pleasure.

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As with all sexuality, tops fall on a spectrum. Some tops will be happy to receive some of the time, but prefer giving. Two people who choose to call themselves tops might not work well together in bed- simply because both people will wanna give all the time!

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People often assume that tops are the more masculine and more confident partners- but this is just a stereotype! The best way to tell if someone is a top is just to ask them.

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As you might expect, a bottom is essentially the opposite of a top. Bottoms tend to be more submissive and prefer to receive sexual pleasure than to give it.

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Switches are generally happy to give or receive pleasure, depending on their partner or their mood. Switches can be in relationships with tops, bottoms or other switches based on their preferences. Just talk to your partner about what you prefer, what they prefer, and what works for you both.

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Most people gradually learn where they fall on the spectrum from experimenting with partners, with porn, with toys, and exploring what gets them most aroused. Be open to the options and have fun experimenting!

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Bottom looking for her top

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