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Below is a lightly edited transcription of the video above, featuring ArtSpeak Co-Founder Kirk Hadden with branding expert and illustrator Eric Hungerford. How can boredom save your life? Kirk: We did. It lives in your pocket and you have it with you all day long.

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You never have to be bored anymore. Apple has expressed regret that they created the notification system that they did.

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Kirk: Since the introduction of the smartphone, our average IQ scores have begun to drop. Our productivity at work has begun to drop for the first time in years. You need inspiration.

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That act of boredom, of being intentionally bored, to turn off your smartphone, to turn off the TV and the laptop and get yourself away from all of the noise that the modern world offers us and let your brain be bored. Eric: I have had to create my own boundaries so that I can be bored. The soil has to be healthy soil to grow things on its own. For a creative, the things that are growing in the garden of your mind are those new ideas. It happens for you. It happens on accident when your garden is healthy.

For me, it just has required certain boundaries, shutting things off that have addicted me and distracted me. Kirk: Do you know why? It is a moment of forced boredom, you and the water. You look at the habits of some of the great thinkers of past eras, where they would get up and they would work from whenever they got up at in the morning to a. Kirk: Lazy. I mean, literally, Bored lets chat or whatever would walk for hours and hours and hours.

This is a pretty common paradigm for these great thinkers of years ago. Kirk: Well, the interesting thing is the studies have shown that your productivity on creativity actually starts to drop off after six or seven hours of going at it. You can work more hours after that, but you will actually end up less productive — you have accomplished less if you worked nine hours every day versus six hours every day. But I would suggest to you one simple way to immediately increase your creative productivity is to go take a walk in as natural an environment as you can get in without your smartphone for half an hour, 45 minutes, an hour every day.

Your brain will start ….

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Kirk: No. Shut it off. Let your brain …. Kirk: Because studies have shown that nature on its own will actually boost your creativity, that even looking out the window at something green has a temporary boost to your creativity. Movement has a huge boost to your creativity.

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Then the boredom, of course, has a boost to your creativity. We share many of our best ideas on our Instagram. You might especially enjoy:. We become part of your team, collaborating with leaders to help them bring their vision to pass. And to help when you just have way too much to do. Why do we get all of our best ideas in the shower?

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Kirk Hadden August 24, Creativity featured. Eric: Finally found a cure. Eric: Waiting for your sandwich at the deli. Eric: Ouch. How do you become bored? Eric: In the shower. Eric: Lazy. Your brain will start … Eric: Can I listen to a podcast? Let your brain … Eric: Netflix?

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Got it. Kirk: Go forth and be bored and make great things. Need to Jumpstart Your Creativity? Let's Reach People Together.

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Bored lets chat or whatever

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