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Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Harmonia axyridis. Invasive or Invited? The Asian Lady beetle, however, could make an argument that rather than have invaded the country, it was invited — by our government. The native Nine-Spotted ladybug is a threatened and endangered species. It has four spots on each wing and one spot that is split in the middle. North American Native — Parenthesis ladybug Hippodamia parenthesis. Native ladybugs are all gentle species that have been displaced by the Asian Lady Beetle. The most common native ladybug in North America is the Convergent ladybug but it too has dropped in s because of the invasive Asian beetle.

An Asian Lady Beetle has two large oval white markings. Count the spots — she either has none or up to twenty-two and her coloring is pale orange to dark red. It comes in a variety of colors from pale orange to deep red. Young beetles tend to be black with irregular red spots.

The Asian Lady Beetle is also a bit larger than most native ladybugs.

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Asian Lady Beetle larva rearing up her head. For farmers, the Asian Lady Beetle was a big help in controlling insect populations for our agricultural crops and reducing the need for pesticides. While all ladybugs are good for feeding on aphids, scale insects, and mites, the Asian Lady Beetle has caused several of our North American ladybug species to decline in s.

Not only are native and invasive ladybug species competing for the same food source, the Asian Lady Beetle is hardier, and stronger. It also has an arsenal of a parasitic fungus that kills other ladybug species, especially when native ladybugs find and feed off Asian Lady Beetle eggs and larvae. Twenty years ago, across North America, one could find thousands of ladybugs.

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Our native ladybugs are gentle and beneficial to the garden but the Asian Lady Beetle can actually become a pest. Ladybugs or Ladybirds as in this English Ladybird are called the Seven-Spotted Ladybird with three spots on each wing and one in the middle. Today, these beetles have become a statewide pest. Well, read on.

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In October, Asian Lady Beetles invade homes in preparation for overwintering. They congregate in attics, ceilings, and walls while seeking protection and warmth for the winter. Believe it or not, homeowners have reported sinus problems due to infestations of Asian Lady Beetles. Asian Lady Beetles may look cute but they can and will bite! When one species becomes dominate, and environmental conditions change, that species runs the risk of becoming threatened or even extinct. This can cause problems in the ecosystem.

These Asian beetles found a nice niche in the middle of some leaves for a bit of privacy. In regards to ladybugs, if we lost all ladybugs, including the invasive ones, it would be detrimental to the health of our agricultural crops and increase the need for pesticides. On the home front, ladybugs can often be seen wherever there is an abundance of water, especially near ponds. Ladybugs are beneficial beetles that are important in controlling garden pests such as aphids and scale insects.

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In the meantime, a special thanks to all ladybugs for keeping our food free from pests and our flowering plants beautiful. Article by Donna M. Call today at for information on our Greenthumb maintenance program and organic pest control. Mallis, A. Lost Ladybug. The Lost Ladybug Project. The Free Encyclopedia: Harmonia axyridis. National Geographic. Natural History Museum. Los Angeles. Lost Ladybug Project — Identifying Ladybugs.

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