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Let me start out by saying that Outlander is not all about sex. I mean, it follows a time-traveling Harvard-educated doctor and a Scottish soldier who spend half their time avoiding death. They're faced with looming war, violent arch nemeses, rebellions, slavery, imprisonment, sickness, and the day-to-day obstacles that come with living in the 18th century.

So yeah, getting it on is not always a priority. But with that being said, Outlander has earned the title of one of the sexiest shows on TV, with major kudos going to the arousing scenes in season 1—many of which were inspired by the words of Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander books.

But unlike other racy shows, every consensual moment in Outlander is meticulously catered to the female gaze. In other words, you're guaranteed to get hot and bothered with one look at your screen. Each frame is steamy and raw, not to mention incredibly realistic thanks to the chemistry between Caitriona Balfe Claire and Sam Heughan Jamie. And there's just something about getting it on in the grit of the s that's curiously irresistible.

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There wasn't as much rumbling in the sheets during season 4, and fans hope that season 5 will change that. The good news? Executive producer Maril Davis seems optimistic.

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We can't always re-create the first season, which was very special. It just has to be within the story and feel like it's organic. That's something we work on and the actors work on. It's a collaboration. There's nothing quite like the "first time," especially if it's Claire and Jamie's. In the episode that serves as the fans' introduction to our two faves' coital perfection, Claire and Jamie have just gotten married.

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And since it's 18th century Scotland, the two are expected to consummate their relationship, like, right away. Jamie is a virgin, and Claire is just beginning to come to terms with falling for a man who isn't her husband, so they're both clearly nervous and a little embarrassed. It doesn't last long at all and Jamie hesitantly confesses, "I didn't realize you did it face-to-face.

I thought you must do it the back way, like horses. Thankfully, there is a round two that officially kicks off the blush-inducing Outlander romps we've become accustomed to. There's agonizingly slow disrobing and foreplay before the couple finally gets to it, and Claire is so vocal that Jamie worries he's hurt her. He asks if the cries of passion will "happen every time" and Claire responds, "Only if the man is a very good lover. They have sex again towards the end of the episode, but not before he gifts Claire his mother's pearl necklace.

It's adorably romantic, and just one of the many reasons Outlander fans refer back to "The Wedding" over and over again. Y'all, they literally get down and dirty out in the Scottish Highlands, in the lush green grass, clothes still on for the most part.

The one thing that could be better than frantic sex with a strapping redhead?

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Frantic sex with a strapping redhead outside. Oh, and did we mention the one thing Jamie tells Claire that we've replayed in our he repeatedly? Remember when Claire was being naughty, so Jamie had to spank her? After she disregarded one of Jamie's orders, being that it was the 18th century, he felt that it was necessary to punish her for being a disobedient wife. He went on to spank her with his belt, which infuriated Claire.

The opening credits have barely finished when we're met with a sleeping, but breathless, Claire. We soon discover that her moans and gasps are not caused by a particularly intense dream, but by a certain amorous ginger gentleman who's woken her up with his head between her legs. Better than a dream? We think so. At one point it seems that they'll be interrupted when there's a knock on the door. But Jamie keeps on chugging along and catering to his lady's lady bits until she hits peak pleasure.

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After nearly being burned at the stake for suspected witchcraft, it's time for Claire to finally reveal to Jamie that she's a time traveler from the s. He takes the news exceptionally well, but comes to the conclusion that he must allow her to return home through the stones at Craigh Adult looking hot sex LA Dun. As a last farewell, the two get hot and heavy by the fire. We have to stan. Jamie finally tells Claire that Black Jack Randall raped him, explaining why he's been so distant. They sleep in separate rooms, but Claire returns to Jamie's in the middle of the night in an effort to finally reconnect.

And they do just that under the moonlight. Season 2 was a controversial one for fans as there was decidedly less sex and more "everything but. The couple were also otherwise distracted as they navigated the French royal court, came to terms with Claire's pregnancy, and attempted to stop the Battle of Culloden. Sex has always for them been a means of communication, and it continues to be that, but now there's pregnancy involved.

When it becomes clear that the Battle of Culloden is still happening despite Jamie and Claire's best efforts, Jamie insists that a pregnant Claire return to her original time and travel back through the stones where she'll be safe.

In what could be their last time ever seeing one another, they share quick and emotional goodbyes. They make love at the foot of the stones, before parting. After being separated by time for 20 years a. Reminiscent of their first time in season 1, they were hesitant—if not a bit shy—with one another as they slowly undressed.

There was some unpleasant bumping Jamie knocked Claire in the nose with his forehead but they eventually found their groove. The scene was just as fervent and hot as the couplings from their early years and definitely worth the wait. Oh, and there was morning sex, too.

In one of Outlander 's more lighthearted sex scenes—beloved by book fans—Jamie and Claire wildly, um, bang on a boat. But what makes this amorous session so unique is that Claire is drunk off of Willoughby's special turtle soup, and Adult looking hot sex LA totally uninhibited. At one point as they're going at it in-front of a mirror, Willoughby innocently knocks on the door and asks if Claire liked the soup.

In between thrusts Jamie responds with a breathless affirmation. But when it's asked if Claire wants more of the dish, Jamie says, "No, she's had more than enough. More boat sex for us! But this time with the welcome addition of dirty talk via a husky voiced Scot. To our delight, Jamie decides to share and act out a detailed sexual fantasy with Claire. In the premiere, we're treated to some good old outdoor coitus. Ruminating on mortality and their plus years of marriageJamie and Claire find comfort in one another by a crackling fire.

It's swift, but comes with Outlander 's ature passion and sensuality. But Outlander co-executive producer Maril Davis had a reasonable explanation when speaking with Glamour. We've always talked about the sex scenes—we love them too—but they have to be organic to the story. After saying goodbye to a now-healthy Lord John Grey and his son Willie who is technically Jamie's child by blood our favorite couple finally have a bit of alone time.

Jamie treats Claire to a bath and surprises her with a new ring to replace the one stollen by Stephen Bonnet. He reveals Murtagh made it out of one of Jamie's mother's silver candle sticks, and it's inscribed with the message, "Give me a thousand kisses. Overcome by emotion and lust Claire proclaims, "And I'll give you a thousand more," before the pair quickly abandon the bath and get to it.

But we unfortunately don't get to see the really good bits, if you know what we mean.

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Your Best Life. Type keyword s to search. Sony Pictures Television. Season 5 of Starz's Outlander is returning on February As we anticipate an entire crop of new episodes, we're looking at one of our favorite parts of the show: the Jamie and Claire sex scenes. Below are our favorite sensual moments from seasons 1 to 4. Related Stories. Outlander Screenshots. Outlander Screenshot. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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Adult looking hot sex LA

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