11 oclock Time to

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This epic song is usually the second to last in a show, and with a typical 8PM curtain and two and a half hour running time, takes place near the titular time. The song itself is one of the best in a show that can be both melancholic and comedic. She makes the notes sound effortless and easy. There is true pain in her performance but filled with the kind of joy that knowing true pain brings.

You know that feeling when you set a goal to say something and the agonizing moment between saying it and waiting for the response.

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Vocal superhuman goddess Cynthia Erivo belting a high G is guaranteed to bring any house down. But put it into the context of the show and the difficult journey that Celie goes on and you will be truly moved to tears.

U2 - 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (Live On The Old Grey Whistle Test / 1981)

Make sure you grab some tissues before pressing play. However, Sam convinces her to think otherwise, but not before Oda Mae has a glimpse into her possible rich lifestyle.

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No one defines a triple-threat more than Sutton Foster, who belts her socks off in the funniest show ever to appear on the Broadway stage. And she does it with a mouth full of water!!! Who cares! Close enough. Much of the show is building toward this moment, when Caroline begins to realize the ways in which the laundry money has changed her, and she begs God to release her from material needs and desires. Any song with a confetti cannon at the end is sure to get my attention!

I then worked on the show on and off for years and after after hundreds maybe thousands?! Intense emotion? Moral quandary? The highest notes and riffs?

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Enjoy this throwback to one of the earliest Elphabas Shoshana Bean belting her face off. Also, the fact that whoever is playing Evan literally has to belt through sobs is a physical feat that I will never understand. This song made me ugly cry the first time I saw it and 7, streams later, I am here to tell you the effect has staying power.

Everything about this is perfect from the staging to the storytelling to the incredible power of Jenn Colella. This is three pure packed minutes of power and sass! Log in.

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March 31, by TodayTix.

11 oclock Time to

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11 O'Clock Tick Tock